Month: July 2004

Archive Change

I’ve changed the layout of category and monthly archives, which are accessible on the sidebar. Instead of loading all posts in a given category or month, it will load only the titles arranged in reverse chronological order. Clicking the titles will take you to the post. This will prevent very large downloads (there are currently […]

If Iraq is Vietnam, this is 1966

Counting the Dead James Dunnigan of Strategy Page summarized the American deaths per 1,000 deployed troops. So far in Iraq, the US military is suffering about 3.6 deaths per 1,000 deployed troops. Here are the numbers, by year, from our war in Vietnam: We are suffering a much higher wounded:killed ratio in Iraq than we […]

Reminder – The End is Nigh

More Computer voting From Andrew Case, posting at Transterrestrial Musings: Basically the commentator felt that since ATMs are so reliable, we should trust voting machines. This completely ignores that fact that ATM errors have multiple redundant means of catching errors, since they generate a paper trail at the time of the transaction, the customer has […]

I will be watching with interest

Plans discussed for high tech monorail system in Michigan Although I don’t pretend for one second that any sort of rail system will make a dent in personal travel by automobile, I would welcome the option to travel by train (since no one in their right mind goes Amtrack) and especially would like to see […]

Didn’t know that

USS Clueless has a post on nuclear reactors and how they can be used to create weapons-grade material even if they are in a pure civilian power plant. The reason for the post was a reader email wondering if claims that the Iraqi Osirak plant, bombed by the Israelis in 1981, was incapable of producing […]

Trouble under the horizon?

SUBMARINES: The U.S. Navy Confronts the Threat From Below (July 30, 2004 entry) Strategy Page notes the declining ASW of the US Navy. Potential naval opponents like China, Iran and North Korea don’t, like the Soviets did, send their subs out onto the high seas. Instead, their subs are kept close to shore, in shallower […]

THK part 3

Many times I am more surprised by the ration of the public to a story or event than I am by the story or event itself. The recent incident where Teresa Kerry told a reporter to “shove it” is one of these cases. The main line of defense for Mrs. Kerry’s supporters seems to be […]


I’ve long held (hoped) that United Airlines Flight 93 was actually shot down by the US military, and that the event was hushed up to avoid disturbing the public and that the tale of heroism by the flight’s passengers was hyped to create a rallying cry (“Let’s Roll”) and to cover the real cause for […]