Month: September 2004

Hitting Samarra Hard

U.S. launches major offensive in Iraq’s north At one time, Samarra had been subdued by the Stryker Brigade and the US military turned the city over to Iraqi security forces in January. It was an example of the way to do things. Mission accomplished. Except that the Iraqi forces didn’t get the job done and […]

What a coincidence

30 Days, 2,368 Attacks ACE points out this great map noting the locations of insurgent attacks over the past month. It’s not clear from the map whether this includes all attacks, only attacks against Coalition forces, or only attacks against US forces. (A seperate story in the NYT writes Over the past 30 days, more […]

Changing of the Guard

2nd Stryker brigade leaves tonight for Iraq The title of this Seattle Post-Intelligencer article is a little misleading. Only about 400 troops, all members of the 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, are actually leaving tonight. But the trickle of 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division troops is picking up as the new second Stryker brigade prepares […]

We’ll be seeing much more of this

Too loud on cell phone? You’re busted A loud-talking pregnant woman cursing into her cell-phone was arrested after an encounter with a D.C. Transit Police officer escalated. Transit Police and some Metro officials say Saoutis was protecting the peace by removing a woman who had overstepped the boundaries of civil behavior because she was loudly […]