Month: November 2004

“Make the mortars stop”

Sniper stops insurgents from 950 yards A reader gives me the heads up to this story. Sandoval, 26, saw that one of the men was about to place a mortar in a mortar tube. He knew he had to make a well-aimed shot before the insurgent gunner launched the deadly round. Sandoval cleared his thoughts […]

MO strangely silent on the Ukraine

I’ve received a number of requests from readers for some commentary on the Ukraine situation. I wish I had something useful to say. Other than wondering where in Hades the United Nations is, though, I don’t really have a solid understanding of what’s going on there. I know the pro-Western Viktor Yushchenko lost in what […]

Tantamount to Journalism

Red Cross: Al Qaeda May Violate Geneva Conventions Scrappleface: “We’ve found numerous incidents of Al Qaeda captives who were released,” said an unnamed Red Cross source in the Times report. “And for that we applaud Al Qaeda. However, in a footnote to the report, we mention that a disturbing number of these detainees are released […]

Here’s red in your eye!

ANTI-LASER CONTACT LENSES DefenseTech on contact lenses designed to protect the wearer’s vision from lasers. Don’t think for one moment that all of our gadgetry cannot be overcome, or that clever enemies will not discover how to use it against us. Everything has an Achilles heel. Remember the “laser cannon” warnings from nearly a year […]

B-737 MMA

The 737 Gets Bomb Racks (11/29/04 entry) Strategy Page has an update on the Navy’s new Multimission Maritime, the replacement for the P-3 Orion. Back in February I noted that Lockheed thought their prop-driven P-3 replacement was superior to Boeing’s 737-based idea, but this summer the Navy decided to go with Boeing and is going […]

New version of AVG Anti-Virus

NEW AVG ANTI-VIRUS FREE EDITION NOW AVAILABLE! If anyone out there uses the Free Edition of AVG Ant-Virus, make sure to download the newest version, complete with new interface, before the end of the year. Installing is easier than ever, as they’ve done away with the old e-mail-you-a-security-code registration. Definitely worth the money. After 5 […]

Weblog Awards begin soon

Nominations are underway and voting begins on December 1st for the 2004 Weblog Awards. The Weblog Awards are an awesome way to expand your horizons a bit. Don’t get stuck in a rut reading the same ten sites every single day. This is a good chance to find some new voices. (Actually, I want you […]

Move along. Nothing to see.

I hope no one has been bothering to follow that discussion that started about the Apache video on that message board. For more info check out my earlier posts on the subject. In summary, it seems that since I don’t use my real name on this site, nothing I say is worthwhile. The discussion devolved […]