Month: December 2004

172nd SBCT now the “Arctic Wolves”

Stryker mascot gets more bark and bite The 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Alaska, the next Stryker brigade, has switched from “Snow Hawks” to “Arctic Wolves”: The change was made to reflect the new look and mission of the unit–sleek, fast and lethal. “We just felt that the Arctic Wolves was more in line […]

Tsunami video roundup

Blogging continues to be light. A reader wondered where to get the videos of the Tsunami, and I discovered this page on which seems to be a gathering spot. For all I know this has been pointed out a zillion times already, but I’m suffering from vacation-lag so give me a break. UPDATE: Wizbang […]

This is not satire

The U.S. knew about the tsunami A reader sends me this link and a screenshot: The sad thing is that many who read this headline will just shake their head and tell themselves they knew it all along. As I’ve mentioned before, I wish we knew and influenced things even one-tenth as much as our […]

Rummy admits it?

I’m visiting family and only have access via slow dial-up (and tying up their phone line) but I feel I must weigh in on this. Some remarks by Donald Rumsfeld in Iraq have thrown fuel onto the “the Air Force shot down Flight 93” theories. Check out these two posts at Wizbang for more. As […]

On the road

Blogging via free wireless at a Holiday Inn. Some things of interest (or not): The Battle of Fallujah from the Turret of an M1A1 Tank A series of 17 photos on Strategy Page. The Ukraine re-election is underway Links and a report that Yushchenko is winning by 15% on Instapundit. Delta 4-Heavy launch not a […]

Murdoc says “Be Merry”

Merry Christmas to all MO readers. Between the holidays and some traveling, posting will be a little light over the next week and a half or so. That’s fine, as you should be enjoying the holidays with your family. For those not able to be with their family, especially the servicemen and -women of the […]

MovableType Firebird users

Blogzilla: Rich Text Editing in Movable Type If you use Mozilla Firefox and publish your site using MoveableType, you have probably noticed that your rich text buttons (the bold, italics, and underline) are gone, as is the hand URL button. I don’t mind that the rich text stuff is gone, but that URL button sure […]