Month: January 2005

Trying to get up to speed

Against violent backdrop, Iraqis turn out to vote I’ve been away from television and the internet since yesterday afternoon. I just walked into the house five minutes ago and there’s a email from a reader that ends with: And how are you not covering the elections?!?!?!? Elections? What elections? Elections in Iraq? Are you serious? […]

Why, indeed?

Tell me again why we fought this war A co-worker forwarded me an article she clipped from a newspaper (remember those?) with the title “Tell me again why we fought this war”. I couldn’t find it under that title, but I did find it at the Miami Herald: Drop the ‘Bush Doctrine’. Here’s what seems […]

What do the Baathist Sunnis stand for?

Steven Vincent on the Muslim Scholars Association noting that while many Sunnis will boycott the elections, they want to be part of the drafting of the Iraqi constitution: And there you have it, coming on the heels of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s declaration of “fierce war” against democracy: the beginnings of an open split between the […]