Month: March 2005

No freaking kidding

Fonda: ‘Hanoi Jane’ visit was a mistake A reader tips me off to this. 33 years later, Hanoi Jane figured out something that everyone else everywhere else knew immediately the first time they heard of it. Coincidentally, she has a new book coming out. If admitting that you betrayed American soldiers three decades ago will […]

Styker Report

A major report on the Styker’s performance in Iraq has surfaced somehow. There are already several very critical stories out in the Legacy Media, but on the surface they appear to have been written either with sympathy to (or guidance from) the very vocal anti-Stryker crowd or maybe just following the rules of the “No […]

Carriers in the Pacific

Navy pushing for addition of second aircraft carrier in Pacific The Quadrennial Defense Review is just getting under way. It’s a big-picture look at long-term plans and is conducted every four years. One of the many things that will be discussed, according to this Stars and Stripes story, is the forward basing of a second […]

RWS on Strategy Page

Stryker Struggles With 60 Year Old Weapon (03/29/2005 entry) Another Strategy Page posting on the Stryker, MO’s favorite 8-wheeled LAV: American Stryker wheeled infantry vehicles are getting an upgraded version of the RWS (Remote Weapon System, a .50 caliber machine-gun that can be fired by an operator inside the vehicle.) The RWS is made by […]

I’d like to see the raw numbers

Alternatives to Slat Armor (03/25/2005 entry) Strategy Page: The special “slat armor” on the U.S. Army’s new Stryker wheeled armored vehicle was supposed to stop 73 percent of RPG attacks. But actual experience has shown that only 50 percent of RPGs were stopped. That’s quite interesting. First of all, I’m only aware of three Strykers […]