Month: April 2005

UPDATE: Sandstorm at Al Asad

Strategy Page has most of these, now, as well, plus a few more. The additional ones at Strategy Page were also in the email I received, though I didn’t post them. This message must be making the rounds. The additional photos are taken at a lower resolution (though even the bigger ones aren’t all exactly […]

Sandstorm at Al Asad

Here are some pics forwarded to me of a sandstorm approaching Al Asad Airbase, Iraq. Though I can’t vouch for the authenticity, I do know person who forwarded them and she knows the person who originally received them from someone in Iraq. Click each for a better look:

Hey, is that on the TOE?

Unknown location. Unknown time. Unknown origin. (Click for better look) Looks like a Dragunov SVD to me. UPDATE: Here’s another one: This one is from Go check it out for more pics, including those gold-plated sniper rifles we heard about some time back.

More on the Terrorism Report

NCTC Terrorism Study: Huh?? Armed Liberal at Winds of Change notes the annual National Counterterrorism Center report (you know, the one that was hushed up) and is less than impressed with the methodology: I have a significant problem with this; it’s a simple one – we’re at war in Iraq (and to a much lesser […]

UPDATE: Are they nuts?

US govt admits RFID passports are danger to Americans Not only did someone admit that they’re potentially dangerous, they decided not to go ahead with the plan. Remember, admitting it’s bad and not doing it are two different things. I wrote about this plan a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, here’s the link in the […]