Month: May 2005


Retired Carrier USS America Sunk Off U.S. This is old news. The ship was sunk on May 14th, though it wasn’t reported by the Navy at the time. It made the news on the 20th, though I didn’t notice it until a couple of days later due to the bad case of Starwarsitis I was […]

Memorial Day 2005

Been traveling the past couple of days and away from the computer. But I wanted to make sure I got a Memorial Day post up. I’m going to post a pic my wife took last year and played with a bit. Click for a higher-res version. The men and women who have died in our […]

New shoulder-fired bunker buster

Predator Anti-Tank Missile for Urban Assault More military transformation. Right before our eyes. Responding to an urgent request from warfighters, Lockheed Martin expanded the capabilities of its Predator anti-tank weapon and delivered 400 rounds to the U.S. Marine Corps. The U.S. Marine Corps requested Lockheed Martin to modify the shoulder- fired, short-range Predator anti-tank weapon […]

This oughta be illegal

Violence against border agents at record pace I’ve been watching the violence against US Border Patrol agents lately. In February I noted that our guys had been shot at six times in one week. Well, the trend doesn’t seem to have changed much: In the first eight months of fiscal year 2005 there have been […]

Stryker soldiers score big

Brigade soldiers rescue pair of Iraqi hostages Sometimes they get there in time: MOSUL, Iraq — They’ve uncovered caches of enemy weapons and flushed out a variety of shady characters since coming to Iraq last fall. But the most astonishing find of the war for several Tacoma-area soldiers turned up this week in a secret […]

UPDATE: Whoa, there, folks

Quran ‘mishandling’ verified at Guantanamo: But prison commander says no evidence supports flushing report The AP on WASHINGTON – U.S. officials have substantiated five cases in which military guards or interrogators mishandled the Quran of Muslim prisoners at Guantanamo Bay but found “no credible evidence” to confirm a prisoner’s report that a holy book […]

Operation Squeeze Play

Iraqi forces are playing a big part in this operation in Baghdad’s Rusafa neighborhood. Here are some pics from Defend America: Taking and returning fire. Preparing to take an alley. Scanning the rooftops. Looks like a Dragunov SVD. Taking prisoners. Mission accomplished. Check out the whole series at Defend America. UPDATE: Also, check out this […]