Month: June 2005

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw

Most suicide bombers in Iraq are foreigners I’ve been watching this trend for a month or so. Not the trend of suicide bombers in Iraq being foreign, but the trend to note such things. It will probably go on for a little while longer, then mysteriously disappear. At that point we will begin hearing about […]

Expat Yank on the next Big Thing in Big Media

IF MSNBC REPORTED ANOTHER WAY… My personal remakes of headline images has been getting positive feedback, and I hope to continue posting some on a regular basis as they are practically begging me to do so. Meanwhile, Expat Yank notes my latest effort and has this to say: I do believe MSNBC should seriously […]

Now Ward Churchill is promoting fragging

Evil Is As Evil Does I noted a few weeks back that the term “fragging” seems to hold a certain romanticized meaning for anti-war types, and now Blackfive notes everyone’s favorite moron Ward Churchill saying this: Would you render the same level of support to someone who hadn’t conscientiously objected, but rather instead rolled a […]

Isn’t this big news?

U.S. & India Sign Major 10-Year Defense Pact Why is it that, after three years of crying about how George Bush has been ignoring the rest of the world and going it alone in the War on Terror, that Legacy Media has barely let out a peep about this? The United States and India signed […]

Stormbirds storming again

Me 262 Project Efforts to build five operational Me 262 replicas are nearing fruition. The first plane, called White 1, has flown about a dozen times since January of 2003. The next plane (and first single-seater), called Tango-Tango, should make its first flight soon. This incredible project is the result of a decade of privately-administered […]

Experimental new suspension system for Strykers

Active Damper Suspension System Demonstrates Dramatic Mobility Improvements A reader tips me off to this. The story is from February and reports on January tests of a new computer-controlled suspension that hopes to greatly improve the control, speed, and ride of Stryker LAVs. The core of the system tested is 8 dampers & controllers using […]

Checkpoint Charlie to be razed on July 4th

Berlin Outrage This is not Scrappleface. This is true: We didn’t think it could get much worse in Germany…well, it just did. Davids Medienkritik recently learned that the Berlin city government, made up of a coalition between the SPD (Gerhard Schroeder’s Social-Democrats) and the PDS (former SED party that ran Communist East Germany), has decided […]

Oh no! Scary assault rifles!

Killers turn to assault rifles Flint, MI: Assault rifles favored by Iraqi insurgents are finding their way onto Flint streets in alarming numbers. A spate of shootings using such 7.62 mm assault rifles as AK-47s has police worried about high-powered weapons better suited for war zones. … On Saturday, Kenneth M. Frohm, 28, of North […]