Month: July 2005

New gadgets for the Stryker

High-Tech Stryker for Combat The Strykers of Christmas Future? The U.S. Army decided this week to sign over a combat vehicle to a new Pentagon program that seeks to defeat rocket-propelled grenades, explosive devices, sniper fire and hostile crowds during urban combat. The Army dedicated $3 million and one of its Stryker vehicles–a cross between […]

Matthews channels Michael Moore

Scenes from planet MSNBC Wow: From last evening’s “Hardball w/ Chris Matthews” comes this bizarre bit: Shortly after New York Times columnist Bob Herbert condemned the US for forcing democracy on Iraqis “at the point of a gun,” Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen had this to say: “There’s another word for ‘insurgents’ in Iraq, and that’s […]

Friday Linkzookery – 07/29/2005

Rotomotion UAVs Navy using software from older ships in DD(X) program Boeing lobbyist faces inquiry HK M416/M418 How long inkjet-printed photos last depends on who you ask, experts say Property Rights Advocates Brace for Another Betrayal Truth is the First Civilian Casualty Iran To Resume Nuclear Conversion, Khatami Tells EU One Person’s Terrorist… Solar Hot […]

No way!

Civil libertarians question subway searches I’ve long argued that significantly increased security before 9/11 based on “chatter” and the 8/6/01 PDB would not have gone over well. Like the No-fly list that the ACLU is fighting: What if this list had gone into effect on September 1st, 2001? Maybe, just maybe, many if not all […]

172nd heading out

Stryker Brigade to say farewell to Fairbanks The 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, the third Stryker Brigade, is leaving its Alaska base. They’re the “Arctic Wolves”, but they aren’t likely to see much snow over the next year or so. They’re headed for Iraq. Unlike the second Stryker Brigade, this one is taking its own […]

But I’m not calling you a Nazi

A couple of weeks ago I noted a post on Volokh Conspiracy by Jim Lindgrin about (in part) Joseph Wilson’s public statements concerning classified information. I wondered how much of this was gamesmanship on Wilson’s part, since he probably knew that some of things he was claiming couldn’t be disputed since to do so would […]

Questions that matter

Asking and telling Glenn Reynolds on his MSNBC site: When William Brennan was appointed to the Court, nobody asked his views on whether there was a constitutional right to abortion, or what he thought about affirmative action. I don’t think anybody asked John Paul Stevens about gay marriage, either. Justices tend to outlast issues, which […]