Month: September 2005

Thar she blows!

U.S. Army soldiers, assigned to Charlie Troop, 4th Battalion, 14th Cavalry, 2nd Platoon from Fort Wainwright, Alaska, detonate caves that could be used for weapons caches outside Rawah, Iraq, Sept. 27, 2005. U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Andy Dunaway For more pics of the operation, check out the Defend America photo essay.

Gandelman on DeLay

The DeLay Dilemma And The Successor Search The Moderate Voice: The Republicans have now come circle from those days when Newt Gingrich excitedly talked of an impending Republican Revolution that wouldn’t just be in terms of policy but in terms of political purity — a future with term limits, where the corrupt Democratic party order […]