Month: November 2005

Massey’s still around?

Just happened to notice this: I don’t think I’m allowed to mention my Google Adsense ads at all, and I’m certainly not allowed to point out that clicking on that ad (if it’s even still there) not only generates a bit of income for MO, but that Massey’s site would be paying for it. So […]

Osama bin Buired?

Worse things could happen, I guess. I still don’t really get Open Source Media / Pajamas Media, but here I am linking to them for the second time in less than a week: Reid: Osama bin Dead It’s a collection of links and quotes by those wondering if maybe Reid’s lips are a bit loose. […]

Murdoc’s been remiss

The Hounds of Husaybah I haven’t been pointing out Bill Roggio’s posts at His boots are on the ground in Iraq with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children: At night the streets of Husaybah often appear as series of mazes quite mean by American standards. The houses are surrounded by ramshackle walls; rubble, trash, abandoned cars […]

Rummy nails it

Here’s a snippet from the briefing I posted about earlier that I thought deserved its own mention. Rumsfeld was asked about accusations that the US doesn’t have enough troops in Iraq. Here’s part of his response: It is the Iraqis’ country, 28 million of them. They are perfectly capable of running that country. They’re not […]