Month: December 2005

Friday Linkzookery – 30 Dec 2005

This one’s for the home crowd The Japan Times on “Otokotachi no Yamato“. I’d be interested in seeing this if it makes it across the water. Farris Hassan’s not-so-excellent adventure U.S. teen goes to Iraq to see ‘struggle between good and evil’ Navy Normandy Monument Project Underway Walking the beaches of Normandy today and observing […]

Friday Cat Blogging – F-14 Tomcat

Here’s a Cat with its pants down: Taken a the 2000 Oceana Airshow and posted on a great site called Tomcat Sunset. The Tomcat Sunset Committee “is a nonprofit entity established to plan and execute the Official Farewell Ceremony for the F-14 Tomcat in September of 2006.” Check ’em out at It appears that […]

Something interesting in Newsweek!

‘Is That All You Got?’ Neil Boortz writes that Saddam Hussein is not impressed with American attempts to torture him: Having witnessed what he called “the Americans’ half-baked, slipshod attempts at torture,” the deposed Iraqi president said he feared for the future of state-sponsored cruelty in post-Saddam Iraq. “Toppling my government, that was the easy […]

Mississippi, down but not out

Gulfport, Mississippi is Not a Footnote Officers’ club points out a post on Blackfive titled Mississippi: The Invisible Coast: Thank you Matt for giving me the opportunity to post about my state. My name is Karen and I live in Gulfport Mississippi. On August 29, Hurricane Katrina slammed into my city as well as Biloxi, […]


C-17, tanker collide off O’ahu Via Army Times: A C-17 cargo aircraft piloted by Hickam Air Force Base commander Col. William J. Changose collided with a Hawai’i Air National Guard tanker aircraft about 200 miles off O’ahu during refueling training Thursday, officials said. The collision sent the Air Guard KC-135R into a dive, causing some […]