Month: January 2006

Seahorse-class Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

The Seahorse-class Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) from the applied research laboratory at Penn State University is maneuvered into position in Sea Fighter’s (FSF-1) mission bay during launch and recovery testing. At 28 feet, six inches, and weighing 10,800 pounds, Seahorse is an untethered, unmanned, underwater robotic vehicle, capable of pre-programmed independent operations. The Office of […]

Reverse engineering a flat-top?

Chinese aircraft carrier? Eaglespeak notes a report that suggests the work being done on the incomplete ex-Russian carrier Varyag, bought by the Chinese for conversion to a huge floating casino, is not consistent with what you’d expect for such a project. The article linked seems to support the idea that the Chinese Navy intends to […]

So long, and thanks for all the fish

U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Sean Kennedy feeds an MK7 Marine Mammal System mine-hunting dolphin on the stern gate of the USS Comstock (LSD 45) Jan. 18, 2006, after it returned from night operations. Kennedy is assigned to Naval Special Clearance Team One, which is conducting deep/shallow water mine countermeasure operations during an annual […]


Operations and Negotiations in Iraq Bill Roggio on Threats Watch: The ‘maintenance’ phase of the Anbar Campaign proceeds as Iraqi Army units continue to take greater responsibility for security operations in Anbar province. Iraqi units are increasingly conducting independent operations in the region after joint Coalition and Iraqi operations over the fall placed a permanent […]

European Stryker Brigade

Stryker brigade may get first Romania rotation The 2nd Cavalry Regiment will be arriving in Germany later this year, and it might be rotated into Romania in 2007 under a recent basing agreement with the former Soviet-bloc nation. The 2nd Cav is currently at Ft. Lewis, Washington and rebuilding from the ground up around the […]