Month: August 2006

Taking over from the Screaming Eagles

New Aviation Brigade Takes Control of Air Operations in Northern Iraq TIKRIT, Iraq (August 30, 2006) — A Relief in Place ceremony was conducted today to transfer responsibility for air operations in Northern Iraq from the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) to the 25th Infantry Division. The 25th Combat Aviation Brigade from Wheeler Army Airfield, […]

Text Link Ads

You may have noticed the text links in green on the left sidebars. I signed up for the Text Link Ads program some time back, but didn’t see any revenue for a couple of months. I was about to cancel when my first sale came in. I’ve had five more since. Unlike Blogads and Google […]

Comments on Liftport’s space elevator work

This response to earlier comments was left on the post about Liftport’s space elevator development work from a few weeks back, and I wanted to toss them up so they weren’t overlooked. (Earlier comments in bold.) And that means getting beyond our primitive space technology. Maybe not. In terms of material needed we can – […]

USS Des Moines on last cruise

Nearly three years ago, in the early days of this site, I noted the effort to bring the heavy cruiser USS Des Moines (CA-134) to Milwaukee as a museum. Sadly, the effort failed. Last Monday, the old ship was towed out of Philadelphia Naval Shipyard on her last voyage. It’s a trip to the breakers […]

US Navy beefing up ballistic missile defense

The three Navy ships currently equipped for ballistic missile defense, the cruisers USS Shiloh, USS Lake Erie and USS Port Royal, will be joined by three destroyers with matching capability by the end of the year. The ships getting the upgrade are USS Stethem, USS Decatur and USS Curtis Wilbur. The Navy’s ballistic missile defense […]