Month: September 2006

Eagle and Bear

Just a few days ago I posted a 1979 image of an F-14 Tomcat intercepting a Soviet Tu-95 Bear strategic bomber. A few days later NORAD F-15s do it up near Alaska: Click for bigger version An F-15C Eagle from the 12th Fighter Squadron at Elmendorf Air Force Base flies next to a Russian Tu-95 […]

Brits wiping the floor with Talibanditos

Troops in line for VCs after Taliban battles Helmand Province I think it’s pretty clear that the battles in southern Afghanistan have been pretty significant. They haven’t been getting a whole lot of coverage here because relatively few US forces have been directly involved, but the reports of major victories by British, Canadian, and other […]

The National Intelligence Estimate

Jay Tea at Wizbang summarizes the cast of characters in the National Intelligence Estimate leak/release story: Government officials who cherry-pick the summary portion of an intelligence report and release only the elements that support one political position: heroic whistle-blowers. Government officials who declassify the entire summary to counter the partisan allegations and attacks based on […]

1-23 INF Caches In

Frustration tempers troops’ success Tacoma News Tribune: The old man in robe and head scarf told the Stryker troops from Fort Lewis they must be lost. “No, no, suspicious cars ever here,” the Iraqi said through an interpreter. “The whole country has not security, but in this neighborhood is security.” Just a few minutes later […]

Dean on the war against Muslims

Question for Michelle Malkin: Does the Conscience of a Conservative Still Exist? Democracy leads to Victory Dean Esmay is getting tired of some drivel coming from the Right: This very statement–that Islam is incompatible with democracy–is why I fight so hard with many of my friends on the Right: accepting that statement means we have […]

Pinch on Tomcat Sunset

Well Done, Baby! Pinch posts on this past weekend’s Tomcat Sunset festivities. I’d been holding off posting on the ceremonial final Tomcat flight until Pinch weighed in, but I couldn’t wait any more and posted yesterday. Go read Pinch’s summary.

Swift (HSV 2) Rear Ramp

Here’s a great rear shot of the USS Swift clearly showing the ramp: Click for bigger version A Stern on view showing the US Navy (USN) High Speed Vessel, USS SWIFT (HSV 2) conducting unassisted mooring operations at Souda Bay, Crete, Greece, during a port visit. The SWIFT is assigned to Commander Mine Warfare Command […]