Month: October 2006

Weird reasoning

Came across this on Dean’s World: Why I’m voting Democrat in November: by Andrew Cory We said we would never forget 9/11. We took a solemn vow over the bodies of our murdered countrymen. It’s been 5 years. Osama bin Laden is still around, still alive, still making videos. I want bin Laden dead. The […]

Electronic Voting: On the Button

In Glenn Reynolds’ TCS Daily column on electronic voting: Because you can’t tell what’s going on inside of the box, voters can’t be sure that their votes are recorded, or counted, accurately. And if they can’t be sure of that, their faith in the whole electoral system is in danger — and with it, their […]

Into the Wild Blue Yonder!

Murdoc has been drafted! And to make it worse, it’s the Air Force! I asked only one thing…could I please be assigned to an A-10 unit. John at OpFor, my squadron CO, said “No problem, Airman Murodc!” so I reported for duty. Getting drafted isn’t any fun, but it’s for a very worthy cause: Project […]

25th Anniversary – F-117 Stealth Fighter

F-117: A long, storied history that is about to end Senior Airman Justin Byars marshals in an F-117 Nighthawk for an end of runway inspection before takeoff from the Holloman Air Force Base N.M. The stealth fighter was one 25 Nighthawks that flew in a formation celebrating the plane’s 25th Anniversary. Airman Byars is a […]


My apologies for the mess here at MO this weekend. I’ve been doing some major upgrades and site maintenance. Things aren’t 100% done, but it should be the end of outages and major mashups. As noted in the earlier post about comments (which are now re-opened, BTW), TypeKey registration is now an option. (UPDATE: It’s […]

TEST at New Server

If you can read this it means you’re seeing MO at the new server. UPDATE: Thank Pete. There may be a few oddities over the next couple of days. If you happen to see anything persistently weird drop me a line. Murdoc Online:Improving to serve you better UPDATE 2 (Sunday morning): Once again was off […]

Comments closed – MAINTENANCE

MO is undergoing maintenance and upgrades. Comments will be closed for the weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience. UPDATE: There might be some weirdness here over the next couple of days. Don’t worry about it. Everything will be back to normal (such as it is) as soon as possible. UPDATE 2 (Sunday afternoon): Okay. Comments are […]