Month: December 2006

Friday Linkzookery – 29 Dec 2006

The Daisy V/L caseless .22 In the 1960s, the popular BB gun maker sold 25,000 of these things, but discontinued after it was ruled a firearm. What made them think it wouldn’t be considered a firearm? Cold War haunts Arctic outpost The curious story of the island of Spitsbergen, in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. Model maker […]

More on Ford

Well, the pendulum seems to have swung, and instead of hearing about how Ford guided us through tough times and how he was a model ex-President and how his loss will be felt everywhere, we’re hearing about how he was against the war in Iraq and how his friendship with Richard Nixon influenced his decision […]

Saddam to hang today or tomorrow?

According to According to a U.S. military officer who spoke on condition of anonymity, Saddam will be hanged before the start of the Eid religious holiday, which begins at sundown Saturday, NBC News reported Thursday. The hanging could take place as early as Friday, NBC’s Richard Engel reported. Though opinions are mixed, it’s probably […]

Iran’s Oil Woes

A hot topic of late is the terrible condition of Iran’s oil infrastructure and the risk of plummeting exports: Persian Empirec. 500 BC Iran’s oil exports are plummeting at 10pc a year on lack of investment and could be exhausted within a decade, depriving the world economy of its second-biggest source of crude supplies. A […]