Month: March 2007

Ruger MkII Target

Okay. I’m not sure if this is good or not, but I’ve totally let feedback from readers and friends turn me 180 degrees from where I was just 24 hours ago. I’ve gone with a Ruger MkII Target .22 pistol with a 6 3/4″ bull barrel: The fact that I had heard so many good […]

Comment on comments

Due to popular demand, I’ve removed the requirement for TypeKey registration to comment here on MO. This is a temporary trial run which may be canceled at any time with no warning if problems resurface. There is a simple captcha entry required below the comment form to publish. I decided to try this again because […]

MO Feed via email

Dont forget that, if interested, you can subscribe to Murdoc Payday Online’s RSS Feed via email. Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner This is a very basic daily message (as long as there are new items) powered by the feed. Of course, I’d just as soon everyone visit MO every day, but I know that […]

Walther P22

I’m looking to pick up a 22LR semi-auto pistol for backyard plinking. I like the look and feel of the Walther P22 but I’ve been told that it doesn’t like regular 22LR ammo and that you need high-power stuff to make it cycle reliably. says the problems were because of the original magazines but […]


Dean’s World: It is a fact that Iraq is a much better place than it was under Saddam, unless you were an Iraqi Baathist. For a large number of Iraqis, facing violence and terror isn’t anything new. They dealt with it for decades. It’s only those who didn’t have to face it that are terribly […]