Month: April 2007

First E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

Northrop Grumman: The first Northrop Grumman E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, being built for the U.S. Navy by prime contractor Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC), made its first public appearance at rollout ceremonies here today. The E-2D was designed in New York and built in St. Augustine… The aircraft unveiled today is the first of two test aircraft […]

Iraqi Boy Scouts

An Iraqi Boy Scout troop prepares for their first Jamboree. They clean up and get their new uniforms. We won’t know if what’s being done in Iraq is really working until the Iraqis who are kids now are adults. Things like a Boy Scout program can be big parts of what makes it work in […]

USS Silversides (SS 236)

Been very busy this weekend. Had a camp-out with my son’s Boy Scout unit, and on Saturday afternoon the troop took a tour of the World War II submarine USS Silversides (SS 236) in Muskegon, Michigan. Here’s a view of the boat’s superstructure from the aft (all pictures can be clicked for a larger version): […]

Friday Linkzookery – 27 Apr 2007

Junk Science: Light Bulb Lunacy I hadn’t thought about it, I guess, but breaking a CFL is a notgood thing to do. Next-Gen Scopes for Can’t-Miss Snipers Scopes that might increase the sniper’s kill rate tenfold. Musharraf Caves to Red Mosque Demands Islamists’ ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’ Strategy Gains Another Slice What He Said […]

More Jackassery from Reid

Harry Reid, Surrendacrat from Nevada: “I’m not going to get into a name-calling match with the administration’s chief attack dog. … I’m not going to get into a name-calling match with somebody who has a 9 percent approval rating” Once again, the guy is factually challenged. Not only does Cheney not have a 9 percent […]