Month: September 2007

Stealth and Syria

Yesterday I posted about the fact that non-stealthy Israeli aircraft apparently had no problems striking deep in Syria and that the Syrian air defenses could do nothing about it. I also noted that this wasn’t the first time that Syrian had been shown to be virtually impotent against Israeli aircraft. Today, I’ve got what basically […]

Zip, zero, nada

Silence in Syria, Panic in Iran F-15I Notice how far away Dayr az-Zawr is from Israel. An F15/16 attack there is not a tiptoe across the border, but a deep, deep penetration of Syrian airspace. And guess what happened with the Russian super-hyper-sophisticated cutting edge antiaircraft missile batteries when that penetration took place on September […]

Filthy little comments

Yesterday I linked to an excellent piece in the Danger Room about the Land Warrior gear currently in use in Iraq. Today I check back and see that the comments section has degenerated into a spitting match about calling Tarmiyah a “filthy little town” and the definition and political correctness of the term “Islamist”. That’s […]

IN THE MAIL: Lincoln – The Presidential Archives

Just got this awesome book from DK Publishing: Lincoln: The Presidential Archives by Chuck Wills. There is no better treatment for the life of the great President Abraham Lincoln than this interactive, “museum-in-a-book,” which includes accessible text, photography, and removable documents that, combined, provide an educational and entertaining reading experience for the whole family. This […]

Land Warrior report from Iraq

Noah Shachtman has a great article up about his encounter with Land Warrior-equipped troops in Iraq: Soldier of the Future Goes to War. It’s definitely worth a read. They were supposed to be wearing the high-tech soldier suits of the future. But when the grunts of the 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment first started running […]

Why do tyrants get so many groupies?

Rednecks and Bible bangers are mocked because they support George W. Bush, but it’s Castro and Mao and Che that seem to have big fan clubs and Hollywood spokespeople and T-shirts and everything. Ahmadinejad appears on the verge of becoming the latest international political rock star: Smartest Man in the Room. Now, in fairness, part […]

508th PIR Rocks

U.S. Army Soldiers from Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment search a mountain for Taliban members and weapons caches in Waghez, Afghanistan, Sept. 19, 2007. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Marcus J. Quarterman, U.S. Army. Hard to believe Taliban fighters could find any cover or concealment in this open terrain.