Month: December 2007


Commandant, Lockheed Martin unveil F35-B Lightning II –Think F/A-18 speed and maneuverability, AV-8B forward deployment, F-22 stealth, and astonishing avionics,” said Dan Crowley, Lockheed Martin executive vice president and F-35 program general manager. –Flexibility — that is the beauty of this aircraft,” said Commandant Gen. James Conway. –The flexibility that the STOVL variant of the […]


Sgt. Nathan Stahl, section chief, Battery T, 2nd Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, receives a fire mission from the fire direction center during a field exercise here Dec. 19. The M777A2 Lightweight 155mm Howitzer cannon, aka –triple seven,” brings a new set of capabilities that the formerly used M198 […]

Holy Hannah

GARLAND, Texas — The opening line to an essay that won a 6-year-old girl four tickets to an upcoming Hannah Montana concert was a powerful one: “My daddy died this year in Iraq.” Except that he didn’t. The girl’s mother admitted to contest organizers that the essay and the military information she provided about her […]

M4 failure discrepancy explained…sort of

Earlier I pointed out that the M4 performed far better in identical dust chamber tests earlier this year than it did against piston-driven challengers more recently: The M4 fared far worse in this test than in a similar test conducted on the M4s alone earlier this year. 60,000 rounds this summer yielded only 307 stoppages […]

UPDATE 2: It turns out to appear that is actually legit. That’s crazy. Apparently a number of coincidences occurred at the same time which made it appear that clicking on the link hosed my computer. The phukking phishing phags at got me. At least in the sense that they tricked me into trying […]

Royal Marines Celebrate Christmas

Via Kim: Royal Marines fight Christmas Day battle with Taliban – then march back to base wearing Santa hats In what’s described as “the most isolated UK outpost in Helmand”: Royal Marines won a dawn firefight with Taliban on a Christmas Day sortie yesterday – then marched back to base in Santa hats. The men […]