Month: January 2008

Minemen at Work

U.S. Navy Minemen 2nd Class Matthew Rishovd, left, and Kody Egelhoff, both assigned to High Speed Vessel Two Swift, repair a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration buoy in the Atlantic Ocean Jan. 25, 2008. The Sailors are fixing the buoys to help NOAA collect weather data that could help predict hurricanes and other inclement weather. […]

Never Fast Enough

From Steve Chapman’s column in the Chicago Tribune last Friday, Surging along to a stalemate: The surge, it’s easy to forget, was not intended merely to improve security, but to facilitate political progress. But of the various legislative actions Bush demanded of the Iraqi government a year ago, the only one it has passed is […]

2008 SHOT Show

Is anyone going to be at the SHOT Show this weekend in Las Vegas? If so, drop me a line. I’ll be there again and this year I’m planning to up the daily coverage in a big way, with a bit of the more military-ish weaponry and gear over here but most of the coverage […]

Defense News on the LCS

A Defense News editorial urges Keep the LCS (subscription only): The relatively high cost for each lead ship of more than $400 million shouldn’t be a driving consideration. First-of-type ships are always over budget. The DDG 51, arguably the most powerful surface combatant ever built, debuted 17 months late and hundreds of millions of dollars […]

XB-70 Valkyrie

Photo taken in 1960. Click for closer look. I’ve always been a bit intrigued by the XB-70. I can’t explain why, but I suspect that the raw speed of the thing is a prime attraction. Externally, the XB-70 looks like a bare-bones design that stresses simplicity and function over aesthetics and flair. It doesn’t bother […]

More Chris Matthews Wackiness

Not that anyone will be surprised by this, but Chris Matthews, the wacky host of MSNBC’s Hardball, is out of his mind. In a segment on Friday with Deroy Murdock (no relation) Matthews was refreshingly honest when he flat out stated “I want to see people disarmed.” Oh, and he also thinks people walking down […]

Friday Linkzookery – 25 Jan 2008

Piecing Together the Dark Legacy of East Germany’s Secret Police Decent article, but I’m always amused by so many people going “Wow! Now that Communism has fallen we’re learning all of these terrible, terrible things! Who would have ever guess that so much bad was going on?” Like it’s been some big secret, or something. […]