Month: February 2008


Air Force dumps Boeing for Northrop, Airbus Northrop Grumman and the maker of Airbus planes beat out Boeing Co. to win a $35 billion government contract to build military refueling planes, the Air Force said Friday. I was telling someone yesterday that if the Europeans ended up winning, I was going to take it on […]

Friday Linkzookery – 29 Feb 2008

Special 29th February edition! Defense Dept To Announce Refueling Tanker Winner 5 PM ET Lawsuits to be announced at 5:03 PM ET. Chinese Submarine Fleet Is Growing, Analysts Say This continues to be a troubling subject. 1 of every 100 U.S. adults behind bars, report says Every February we’re treated to one of these reports. […]


I’ve finally managed to get rid of the need to go to a separate page to post comments. You should be able to post comments directly from the individual post now, just like in the good old days. I tried something new and it appears to have worked perfectly the first time. Obviously, this is […]

More: Kosovo

A commenter left this: The latest Balkan fools are the United States and the European Union, which have rushed in to recognize what Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica rightly calls the “fake state of Kosovo.” Why is it a fake state? Because there are no Kosovars, only Serbs and Albanians. Each group seeks to unite […]

12 months

Army plans to cut length of combat tours in Iraq LA Times: Moving to relieve strain on troops, the Army plans to reduce the length of combat tours from 15 months to one year after the troop buildup in Iraq winds down this summer, top officials told Congress on Tuesday. Gen. George W. Casey Jr., […]