Month – March 2008

IN THE MAIL: On My Honor

This is one I can’t wait to check out: On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting For by Rick Perry: Texas governor Rick Perry, through the legacy of the Boy Scouts of America, takes dead aim at the moral relativism of the secular humanist movement, indicting its corrosive […]

DD(X) Losing Congress

Lawmakers’ Support for DDG 1000 Program Ebbs Construction contracts have been given for the two lead Zumwalt-class ships, but the program is in serious trouble. Advanced Gun System (AGS) firing Long-Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP) The Navy has advertised the first two ships as costing $3.3 billion each to build, although subsequent hulls will be […]

Navy’s ERGM Cancelled

I was going to post about how the EX 171 Extended Range Guided Munition (ERGM) was in trouble, but I wasn’t quick enough and now it’s had its funding stopped. The end comes after the Navy spent more than $600 million on unsuccessful efforts by Raytheon to produced a precision munition that could be fired […]

Gunfire in the Suez

Navy-contracted ship opens fire in Suez An American cargo ship under contract to the U.S. Navy fired warning shots at a small Egyptian boat while moving through the Suez Canal, the military said Tuesday in a statement. Egyptian authorities said at least one man was killed in the incident. The MV Global Patriot, which was […]

JFK headed to mothballs

Tugboats tow the decommissioned aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) through the Delaware River to the Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility in Philadelphia, Penn., March 22, 2008. Kennedy was deactivated March 23, 2007, following approximately 40 years of service. The ship will remain in Pennsylvania until the Navy decides to sell, scrap or […]

Happy 25th Birthday, SDI!

Danger Room: ‘Star Wars’ Turns 25, Eats $120 Billion; Worth It? Murdoc votes ‘Yes, probably.’ A US Air Force (USAF) Booster Verification Test-5 (BVT-5) rocket launches from Space Launch Complex Twenty-One at Vandenberg Air Force Base (AFB), California (CA), at 10:40 AM on January 9, 2004. The USAF BVT-5 tested a three-stage booster configuration for […]

USAF Synthetic Fuel

Last Wednesday, a B1-B bomber became the first Air Force plane to fly faster than the speed of sound on a blend of the new coal-derived synthetic fuel: The fuel, a 50/50 blend of synthetic and petroleum gases, is being tested as part of an ongoing Air Force program to help the environment and to […]