Month: October 2008

Friday Linkzookery – Halloween 2008

Gunning for Victory Second Amendment voter guide by Dave Kopel Murtha’s in Trouble Can you hear that sound? Neither can Murdoc. Even the crickets aren’t chirping on this one. Ohio Cop Reprimanded for Making More Arrests than Tickets Apparently, stopping crime hampered his revenue generation. Ukrainian Bond girl is traitor to USSR, say Russian communists […]

401(k) Options

I had trouble getting the link to the numbers behind their numbers to work in Firefox, so here it is. (via Instapundit) UPDATE: To be clear: So far, this has been a September 10 election. Barack Obama’s current lead in the polls is largely a result of the financial crisis which reached critical mass in […]

Michigan voter registration fraud

And it’s NOT in Detroit! Grand Rapids pair charged with voter registration fraud Two Grand Rapids residents are facing more than a dozen years in prison for voter registration fraud. Robin Anderson and Patty Beth Wallace face at least 14 years behind bars for felony forgery charges as they tried to meet voter registration quota […]

JLTV Downselect Winners

3 Firms Win JLTV Contract The U.S. Army has chosen three industry teams to receive $60 million, 27-month contracts to develop technology for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle: BAE Systems-Navistar, General Tactical Vehicles (GTV), and Lockheed Martin-BAE Systems, according to an Oct. 29 DoD press release. The choice of these three to further develop plans […]

Political Survey

A research team from the Psychology Department at New York University, headed by Professor Yaacov Trope and supported by the National Science Foundation, is investigating the cognitive causes of voting behavior, political preferences, and candidate evaluations throughout the course of the 2008 U.S. Presidential election. This stage of the study focuses on the information people […]