Month: December 2008

Loss of Nerve

Army Destroys Last Landmine Containing VX Nerve-Agent Munitions The U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency destroyed the last landmine in its stockpiles containing VX nerve-agent munitions Dec. 24 at the Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility in Anniston, Ala. “We have reached a truly remarkable milestone following more than five years of deliberate, but careful, operations,” Timothy […]

Militaries make plans ahead of time? Who knew?

Danger Room: Paper: Gaza Campaign Planned Months in Advance Ha’aretz is reporting that planning for Israel’s air campaign against Hamas in the Gaza Strip began months ago: Barak gave orders to carry out a comprehensive intelligence-gathering drive which sought to map out Hamas’ security infrastructure, along with that of other militant organizations operating in the […]

India buying P-8 Poseidons

Strategy Page: P-8 Replacing Tu-142 India is buying eight U.S. P-8 maritime reconnaissance aircraft, for about $220 million each. This deal has been stalled for months, but the growing expense of maintaining their Russian Tu-142M aircraft, and the need for a more capable recon aircraft, has made the P-8 buy certain. The first P-8I will […]

Friday Linkzookery – 26 Dec 2008

Last Linkzookery of the year! Hokey Cokey Hate “You put your right hand in, your right hand out,” may constitute an act of religious hatred. Boeing Navy P-8 Jet Faces $900 Million Budget Cut Further reducing ASW to fund the DDG-1000? China to “seriously consider” building aircraft carrier Surprise, surprise, surprise! Want to re-up for […]

Rathergate just won’t go away

I can’t believe there’s anything new to post about this, but some people just won’t shut up. Little Green Footballs: NPR Rewrites Rathergate History to Cover Up Fraud: Rather’s attorneys also point to public statements by Michael Missal, a lawyer in Thornburgh’s law firm who helped conduct the investigation. “It’s ironic that the blogs were […]