Month: January 2009

Friday Linkzookery – 30 Jan 2009

The British called – They want their guns back! The “take away everyone’s guns” thing isn’t working out so well. At least not for everyone. The Never Ending Small Arms Caliber Debate Lt Col P and Uncle Jimbo on the issue. Change for the Worse The big “stimulus” bill undoes the 1996 cap on welfare […]


1986: I was in the high school library playing chess. We had wanted to watch the lift-off, but the television wasn’t working. Some kid came in and told us, and after finally coming around to believing he wasn’t pulling our leg about the space shuttle blowing up, I asked him if it pulled into pieces, […]


The first flight of the Boeing 787 will hopefully take place next quarter, but when it happens it will be without all of the proper fasteners in place. Boeing acknowledged Monday that it will not take the extra time that would be needed to hunt down and replace all the nonconforming fasteners in the six […]


Is this a preview of the things to come? Obama Tours Press Digs President Obama took a surprise tour of the White House press room late Thursday afternoon, startling journalists as he explored their cramped work area. The presidential walk-through touched off what Associated Press writer Ben Feller described as “a wild scene,” as journalists […]

Sunday Space Blogging

We’ll try this again. The previous attempt posted despite only one item, and I pulled it. Not sure if this is going to be a regular weekly feature or not, but I’ve really been ignoring a lot of space-related issues and stories. So here are a few. NASA gives space cargo contracts to start-up firms […]

Inside BAE’s Jam Lab

How BAE’s Jam Lab Develops Countermeasures Against Antiaircraft Missiles Popular Mechanics: For U.S. and NATO countermeasures researchers and for Russian anti-aircraft missile designers, the Cold War never ended. Between 1991 and 2000, all but four of the 17 total U.S. aircraft that had been shot down in combat were hit with missiles, according to a […]