Month: June 2009

Remote Chain Guns for the Navy

Warships to get remote-controlled deck guns The 25mm (not 22mm as stated in the article) Mk 38 Mod 2 chain gun is being added to most US Navy surface combatants. httpv:// Navy officials say the guns take sailors out of the firing line and give them a new set of eyes for protecting the ship […]

LandWarrior Headed to Afghanistan

The Army’s LandWarrior system will be making its first brigade-wide deployment when the 5thBrigade, 2nd Infantry Division hits the ground in Afghanistan. It was used by a battalion, with pretty good success, in Iraq. The soldiers of 5th Brigade begin deploying to southern Afghanistan this month and should see less urban combat than previous Stryker […]

Vetoing the Raptors?

F-22s in Spending Bill May Spur White House Veto The White House is threatening to veto the 2010 defense authorization bill if Congress includes money for more F-22 stealth fighters. Last week, the House Armed Services committee voted to spend $369 million to begin buying parts for a dozen additional Raptors. The administration is also […]

Malaysian Q-ship

The return of the ‘Mystery Ships’ Malaysia’s conversion of the container ship Bunga Mas Lima is apparently a response to the hijacking last year of two Malaysian ships, the Bunga Melati Dua and Bunga Melati 5. This Marine Log story doesn’t specify what new kind of capabilities or weapons the Bunga Mas Lima has added […]

Remington ACR Video is calling it the Remington ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) but the last I heard it was being called the Bushmaster ACR. Bushmaster is now a sister company of Remington under the Cerebus empire. The ACR was, of course, previously the Magpul Masada.

GunPundit Down

UPDATE: Back on the air. A GunPundit post is #1 on a Bing search linked from today, and traffic was through the roof until the host pulled the plug on the site. After explaining that it was legit traffic due to a temporary spike, the helpful support tech said “Sorry we can’t let it […]