Month: July 2009

Friday Linkzookery – 31 Aug 2009

Troops who crashed wedding criticised US troops crashed a wedding and “breached Irish neutrality.” US soldiers ‘did not gatecrash wedding’ Except that they were there by invitation of the bride and groom. A Petition to Name the Next United States Navy Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier the USS ENTERPRISE Some yahoo submitted a Congressional bill to name […]

Video of SM-3 Test

httpv:// Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance: MDAA was at the Pacific Range Missile Facility in Barking sands, Kauai, Hawaii yesterday and witnessed off the northwest coast a few hundred miles from Kauai on a breezy warm afternoon, the USS Hopper ( DDG 70 ) destroyer which successfully tracked, discriminated and intercepted an ARAV ballistic missile target […]

Old School Big Gun

Corps loans 90-year-old cannon A World War I-era cannon first fired by Marines more than 90 years ago to commemorate the opening of the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va., was returned to the center in July, on loan for the next decade from the National Museum of the Marine Corps. The detachment of […]

NearBeer Summit

Just when you thought the Beer Summit silliness couldn’t get any, well, sillier: President Barack Obama: Bud Light Vice President Joseph Biden: Buckler non-alcoholic People, those choices have to have been made by Karl Rove. I mean, come on.

USS Jason Dunham to be Christened

Ship named for MoH recipient to be christened Navy officials will christen the guided-missile destroyer Jason Dunham during a ceremony Saturday in Maine, honoring the Marine corporal and Medal of Honor recipient killed five years ago after saving the lives of his comrades in Iraq. The ship, designated DDG 109, is an Arleigh Burke class […]

USS Los Angeles To Be Retired

Subs, frigate on list of ships being retired The attack submarines Los Angeles and Philadelphia and three surface ships will be retired in the next year, according to a Navy message released Monday. Los Angeles will be inactivated Nov. 2, and Philadelphia follows June 10. They will be decommissioned at a later date, according to […]