Month: September 2009

USS Nashville Decommissioned Today

In service since 1970, the amphibious transport dock USS Nashville (LPD 13) ends her service today. Nashville was featured on MO when she was involved with testing the Fire Scout UAV. Here’s a photo posted in 2006: RQ-8A Fire Scout during autonomous landing and take-off tests with the amphibious transport dock ship USS Nashville (LPD […]

BDU Guys in Protest Video Weren’t A Hoax

A few days back I posted a YouTube of a Pittsburgh protester being snatch and grabbed by some clowns in BDUs and dismissed it as a poorly-produced hoax: httpv:// I’d had a few comments and emails claiming it was for real, but I hadn’t been able to find anything derfinitive online until a reader sent […]


Girl: What are all these cops doing here? Guy: Oh, there was a bomb threat. Girl: That’s not good, we should get out of here. Guy: If bomb threats make you nervous, than the terrorists have already won. –7th Ave & 27th St From Overheard in New York.

What? Double Standards in the Media? Who Knew?

Tigerhawk: A few clowns shout at a “tea party” and the media starts worrying about the resurgent Klan, but the left literally attacks the police at the G20 protests and nobody says anything. Via Instapundit. UPDATE: LOL! Get a load of this video forwarded to MO by a reader: httpv:// Nice surplus store BDUs. UPDATE […]