Month: January 2010

Stupid military went ahead and acted without even forming a subcommittee to discuss this

On an Instapundit post about the US Army being told to stop distributing food in Haiti: For the NGO community [in Afghanistan], to be seen co-operating with the US military was the kiss of death. NGO co-ordination meetings specifically warned against co-operation with the US military, as opposed to UN agencies. The supposed reason was […]

XM806 .50 Machine Gun

Saw this at the General Dynamics booth at the 2010 SHOT Show: Weight 40 pounds (weapon only), 62 pounds (ground mount system) Recoil 325 pounds Dispersion Less than 1.1 mils, one sigma radius Range Lethal and suppressive out to 2,000 meters Ammunition .50 caliber (M33 ball, M8 & MK211 API, M903 SLAP) Feed System Belt […]

Friday Linkzookery

Murdoc is on the road today, but here’s a limited selection of Linkzookery. If anyone is going to be at the 2010 SHOT Show next week in Vegas, be sure to let me know. GPS coverage to get sharper in Afghanistan Everywhere, actually. But will this leave the system open to trouble if an old […]

LCS 2 Video

Time was that Murdoc was excited about this class of Littoral Combat Ship. The delays, cost overruns, and general jackassery surrounding the entire program, coupled with the fact that the Navy just plain doesn’t have enough ships, has soured my opinion quite a bit. Still, I look forward to seeing it in action.

Driven is not Defeated

U.S. general: Taliban beaten in Helmand province U.S. forces have driven the Taliban from most towns and villages in the strategic Helmand province of Afghanistan, leaving incoming troops with the mission of holding key areas and rebuilding the economy, Marine commanders say. The problem with “driven” Taliban is that most of them have been driven […]