Month: March 2010

Another Go at HH-60G Successor

New plan released to replace Pave Hawk The new plan, released March 23 by the Aeronautical Systems Center, calls for awarding a contract in 2012 and reaching initial operational capability with eight aircraft by September 2015. No date has been set for replacing all HH-60Gs. Along with the timeline, the HH-60 Personnel Recovery Recapitalization Program […]

Shuttle Life Extended Until Early Next Year?

NASA: Space shuttles may stay on until 2011 Despite progress in its effort to retire the space shuttle fleet, NASA is now unlikely to meet its initial September deadline, according to a government report released yesterday. The 32-page report from NASA’s Office of the Inspector General concludes that it will probably take NASA until the […]


Private guards kill Somali pirate for first time Private security guards shot and killed a Somali pirate during an attack on a merchant ship off the coast of East Africa in what is believed to be the first such killing by armed contractors, the EU Naval Force spokesman said Wednesday. The death comes amid fears […]

Spirit of Pennsylvania Rejoins the Fleet

Northrop Grumman Returns Restored B-2 Bomber to Active Duty Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has returned to service with the U.S. Air Force a freshly painted, completely overhauled B-2 stealth bomber known as the “Spirit of Pennsylvania.” The aircraft lifted off from Air Force Plant 42 here early in the morning on Jan. 26 for its […]

The Downward Spiral Continues

Mexico Killings of 3 Connected to U.S. Consulate Bring Warning The White House condemned the killings of a U.S. citizen employee, her husband and the husband of a Mexican citizen employee, in a statement yesterday from National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer. At least we’ve got the border locked down.