Month: May 2010

Friday Linkzookery – 28 May 2010

Anti-rocket system in new budget Australian troops in Afghanistan will be getting the C-RAM. Taliban Fear 155mm Excalibur “Finger of Death” “Despite the infrequent use and the Army’s apparent lack of enthusiasm for the weapon, it sure makes a heck of an impression on the Taliban – so much so that they’ve derived a nickname […]

Mach 5 for Three Minutes Ain’t Bad

X-51A races to hypersonic record The 200 seconds of autonomous flight by the U.S. Air Force's X-51A set a duration record for an aircraft powered by a scramjet (short for “supersonic combustion ramjet”) engine, though in part that can be chalked up to the rarity of any flights at all at this extreme level. The […]

So Watch Out For Torpedoes? Too Late.

North to nullify naval agreement The North, which has already announced it will sever all ties with the South, said in its latest announcement it will nullify an inter-Korean agreement to prevent accidental clashes in the Yellow Sea, Yonhap news agency reported. Hopefully this is just more of the same old batshit crazy we’ve come […]


Putin praises new Kalashnikov assault rifle State tests of a new model of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, or AK, will be held in Russia next year, media reports said on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Russian security forces have already signaled their readiness to purchase the sophisticated AK-200, which, experts said, will be based on the AK-74 version. […]


The F-107A, sometimes nicknamed the ‘Ultra Sabre’ was a North American tactical fighter-bomber that was beaten out by the F-105 Thunderchief. The air intake was on the top to allow for the carrying and dropping of nuclear weapons from the belly. NASA (NACA at the time) acquired two of the three prototypes for testing after […]

Twilight:2000 Cheap

Happened to notice that PDFs of the entire run of first edition the Twilight:2000 role playing game are available for only $40 at RPGNow. For five years the armies of the world have fought back and forth across Europe. Three years ago the missiles started flying. Most countries were hit hard in the nuclear exchange, […]