Month: January 2011

Oldschool Paintjob on Navy EW Planes

Gotta say that those are pretty sharp lookin. VAQ-129 is the Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) charged with training all EA-6B and EA-18G aviators. They’re based at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, in Puget Sound, Washington. On my visits to the Seattle area, I’ve seen the Prowlers out, um, prowling. I think I also saw a […]

Essex-class Hangar Catapult

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I learned that the early Essex-class carriers had been built with a hangar-level catapult. It was called the HIVA catapult and shot planes out of the starboard forward hangar deck. It was removed during refits in 1944 because it didn’t get a lot of use. The […]

Friday Linkzookery – 28 Jan 2011

Blackwater founder trains Somalis Erik Prince is involved in a multimillion-dollar program financed by several Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates, to mobilize some 2,000 Somali recruits to fight pirates who are terrorizing the African coast. Battleship New Jersey faces rough seas Big J hanging on despite tough economic times. The New Reagan Revolution: […]

F-15E flies with new AESA radar Officials from the 46th Test Wing launched the fourth generation fighter for the first time with a new and improved radar system, the APG-82(V)1. The APG-82 uses active electronically scanned array radar technology composed of numerous small solid-state transmit and receive modules. The standard radar, APG-70, is a mechanically scanned array housed in the […]