Month: April 2011

Friday Linkzookery – 29 Apr 2011

Final launch of space shuttle Endeavour delayed APU-1 heaters cause delay until at least Monday. Army says WikiLeaks suspect fit to stand trial Let’s all hope Pfc. Bradley Manning gets treated fairly and squarely. Stanford Faculty Senate Invites ROTC Back They must now work with the U.S. military to determine what a return to campus […]

With Friends Like These

Afghan pilot shoots, kills 5 Americans The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, but Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi said the gunman was an Afghan military pilot who “opened fire on foreigners after an argument.” A Taliban spokesman claimed the shooter was someone impersonating a pilot. The Afghan Air Force says he was […]

What? Gas Prices are Up?

Thanks to Obama, Gas Jumps in a Flash Obama had been president-elect for all of five days when he announced his intention to rescind Bush’s order [lifting a ban on offshore drilling]. Oil prices started going up again in January of 2009 and steadily increasing ever since. Obama Energy Secretary Ken Salazar announced a highly […]

Send in the Tanks

Syria launches fresh strikes against anti-government activists Syria sharply escalated its already deadly campaign to crush a five-week uprising early Monday, sending troops backed by tanks, snipers and knife-wielding security forces into the southern city [of Daraa] where the rebellion began, according to witnesses and activists. About a hundred civilians have been killed in the […]

Because Blocking Religious Events Has Such a Good Track Record of Keeping People from Believing

Chinese authorities block Easter service in Beijing The site of a planned outdoor Easter service at one of China’s largest independent “house” churches was eerily silent Sunday as police blocked more than 500 worshippers from leaving their homes and detained more than 36 for attempting to attend religious services in Beijing, church officials said. Via […]